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Our Mission: Improving people's lives through relationships, sound guidance and leadership; serving as accountants, auditors and advisors.

Our Values: Integrity, Respect, Care, Competence, Innovation, Fun, Teamwork, Accountability

What is it like to be a team member at Porterfield & Company?

Many of our employees work remotely although we have an office in Fayetteville and an operations center in Harrison. Team members save time with the commute, login and start their day putting best practices and technologies to work for our customers.

At 10:10 each morning, we have a company-wide collaboration where team members update everyone on what they are working on and how we can assist them with any items they're "stuck" on.

Members of our operations team are focused on serving franchises, restaurants and independent pharmacies using our COMPASSâ„  platform. Our proprietary COMPASSâ„  platform was designed for business owners to:

• Make the most of their time while we take care of business processes and accounting.
• Focus on the business while we put our expertise in technologies, processes, accounting and tax to work for them each day.
• Be involved only at critical points in the process.
• Track performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) critical to the business’s success.
• Minimize risks associated with hiring, training, implementing and managing technologies and processes.

By the way, COMPASSâ„  stands for: Complete Outsourced Monthly Process and Accounting Service System.

Members of our tax and advisory team work with operations and audit members in providing innovative tax strategies and advice to customers and clients.

Our audit and attest group is focused on serving:

  • Franchisors
  • Contractors
  • Water Districts
  • Not-for-Profit Entities
  • Public and Low-Income Housing Entities

We are growing and looking for top quality team members at all levels of our firm. We offer a progressive work environment with competitive compensation, health insurance, a flexible spending account plan, retirement plan and a generous paid time off package.

Complete a job application and submit it along with your resume' through the contact us section of the website. Specific openings are listed in the current openings section of our website.

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